Internet/Social Media Safety

Internet/Social Media Safety 

It only takes one wrong click on social media or the Internet for a child or teen to become a victim. Jolene Sundlie from the FBI Minneapolis Citizens Academy Alumni Association presented age appropriate programs to students in grades 5 - 12 on October 1 that included a NetSmartz presentation. The presentation included the five main risks that students face while using the internet and social media.

1.  Inappropriate content

2.  Online privacy

3.  Sexting

4.  Online sexual solicitations

5.  Cyberbullying

The FBI has seen a significant increase in sextortion activity nationwide that is affecting thousands of U.S. children. Ms. Sundlie also discussed some closed FBI cases so students could hear how other Minnesota youths have become victims through social media and the Internet.

This presentation helped students be aware of the risks while learning to safely navigate today’s technology. Parent resources can be accessed at the NetSmartz website