2023 Osakis Public School Bond Referendum

With the goals of Improving Safety, Expanding our Career and Technical Curriculum, Retaining Efficient Curriculum Spaces, and Increasing the Use of our Community Spaces; the Osakis School Board approved a Special Election to occur on November 7, 2023 and consider two Ballot Questions - Ballot Question 1 - $29,900,000 and Ballot Question 2 - $5,500,000. This page holds all information explaining the reasons for this Special Election and the impact this decision will have on the future of our School and Community.

Recent updates on this project are below:

9/20/23 - Message from Superintendent Dahlheimer

8/31/23 - View the Referendum Update that was sent out in an August issue of the Osakis Anchor

Upcoming Meetings:

Community Discussion of State Review and Comment of Referendum Ballot Questions 1 & 2 - September 20th, 6:30pm at the Cafeteria at Osakis Public School (Use North, High School Entrance).

Community Discussion of Financial Impact of Referendum Ballot Questions 1 & 2 - October 11th, 6:30pm at the Cafeteria at Osakis Public School (Use North, High School Entrance).


Contact Superintendent Dahlheimer - jdahlheimer@osakis.k12.mn.us

Building our future, thank you!


Ballot Question #1

Career and Technical Instruction/Pathways to the Trades:

Music and Auditorium Improvements:

Ballot Question #2

Wrestling Room/Multipurpose Room Expansion

Athletic Complex Overview - Space Demands

Track and Field - Unsafe, Inadequate for Competition

Fall/Spring - Space Needs, Benefits of Synthetic Turf





Last Referendum


Facilities Planning


Bus Garage/Tennis Courts Project

September 2022

Staff Facilities Survey

November 2022

Community Listening Session

January 2023-February 2023

Facilities Planning Team Formation

March 2023 - April 2023

Data Gathering

April 2023

Presentation of Findings to School Board

April 2023

Discussion of Options and Costs

May 2023

Staff Facilities Worksession

June 2023

Community Worksession 1

June 2023

Community Work Session 2

June 2023

Community Worksession 3

June 2023

Community Worksession 4

June 2023

Submission of Project for State Review and Comment

August 2023

School Board Approval to Go to Referendum

August 2023

Favorable Opinion from State on Referendum Proposal

Where/When to Vote

Osakis Public School - ISD 213 will be conducting a special election on November 7, 2023.

Absentee Voting Information

Location : Osakis Public School, 500 East First Avenue, Osakis Minnesota, 56360 - Use East Parking and Enter District Office.

Date/Times Available to Vote: September 22 - November 6, 2023 - Monday - Friday, 7:30am to 4:00pm

Voting by mail - You can download an application for absentee ballot HERE. Please fill out this application and mail it to our District Office at:

Osakis Public School

Attn: Lisa Lien

PO Box X

Osakis MN, 56360

You will be mailed an absentee ballot that you will use to vote per the instructions included in that ballot.

November 7th Voting Information:

Location: Ed Pollard Community Center, 20 West Nokomis Street, Osakis, Minnesota 56360

Time: 7:00am to 8:00pm