Reggie Dabbs Motivational Speaker
  • Monday, September 25 K- 12 School Assembly

Student Reach Minnesota and Reggie Dabbs conducted four presentations for our students in grades K - 12 today. They will also provide  a free evening program for youth and adult community members at 6:30. Reggie Dabbs uses the power of music to share an inspirational message centered around the theme "I can, you can, we can". All programs took place in the High School Gym. The K - 6 programs took about forty minutes to complete. Each of the K- 12 programs took approximately fifty minutes to complete. The schedule for the day is as follow:

  • 9:00 Grades K - 3 Presentation

  • 10:00 Grades 4 - 6 Presentation

  • 12:25 Grades 10 - 12 Presentation

  • 1:20 Grades 7 - 9 Presentation

  • 6:30 Youth and Community Presentation

  • Programming was funded by a Douglas County Mental Health grant that Lindsey Hinnenkamp worked to secure.

All community members are invited to attend.