Vision and Hearing screeing

Minnesota has some vision & hearing requirements that need to be met. Instead of doing every grade both hearing and vision, we will be doing the requirements for the state of Minnesota. This means that your child may or may not be checked this year. If you have ANY concerns at all and would like your child checked, even though it isn’t a required grade, please contact me and we will have no problem screening them also.
Kind none
1st grade vision and hearing
2nd grade hearing
3rd grade vision and hearing
4th grade vision
5th grade vision and hearing
6th grade none
7th grade vision
8th grade hearing
9th grade none
10th grade vision
11th grade hearing
12th grade none
Again I just wanted to stress that if at this time or anytime during the year you have concerns with your student’s vision or hearing please feel free to call me and have them screened. If there are any further questions or concerns please call 320-859-2191 ext 1193

Contact: Angie Baker, LPN