Transfer Planning

Transfer Planning

How do you know if your concurrent courses will transfer after you graduate high school? The majority of Osakis concurrent credits transfer seamlessly to other colleges and universities, however it is up to the receiving institution to decide which credits transfer and whether those credits meet their degree requirements.

Tools and information for transfer planning:

  • Minnesota State system - A course that meets a Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) goal area at M State will meet the same goal area at other Minnesota State institutions. Visit the Minnesota State Campuses website to see a list of all 30 colleges, 7 universities and 54 campuses that are part of this system.

  • Syllabi - Students are strongly encouraged to keep the syllabi from their concurrent courses as a receiving institution may request it if a transfer decision is appealed.

  • Transferology - This is a free online tool designed to help students explore their college transfer options nation-wide.

  • MnTransfer - A resource for students, transfer specialists and educators.