Sick Child Policy

Health Services Sick Child Information

There are typically a lot of inquiries on whether or not parents should send their children to school. Below is a list of the most common inquiries, along with policies for our school. One of the things that is not listed is a cough as there is no set rule regarding coughing. Children frequently get sent to me for coughing and I check their temp and sometimes give them a cough drop. If their cough continues and the teacher feels like a child is having problems concentrating or is causing a distraction in class a call will be placed to the parents and we will decide what to do from there. 
Parents must keep children home with a fever. They need to be fever free for 24 hours without the use of medications such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen, before they will be allowed to return to school. If a fever is noted at school, parents will be called to pick their children up. A fever is considered anything over 99.9
Parents must keep children home until they have not vomited for 24 hours. If a child vomits at school parents will be called to take their child home.
Parents must keep children home that have diarrhea. If it occurs at school children will be sent home.
Pink eye:
Parents will be notified if pink eye is suspected and children will be sent home. They will be allowed to return after medication is started.
Children have to be on medication for at least 24 hours. Also, they need to be fever free without any Tylenol or Motrin for at least 24 hours.
Head Lice:
Parents will be called to pick their children up if they have lice or nits. If lice are found at home, please notify the school. We need to notify classmate’s parents so that they are aware. Names are not given, just a note that states that lice have been found in the classroom. Children need to be nit free before returning to school, and will need to be checked in the nursing office. The classroom will also be checked.
Chicken Pox:
Children must remain home until all spots are crusted over.  
Any child requiring medications during the school day must have a doctor’s order, parent permission and have the medication in the original bottle. If you are sending any medication please call to discuss before actually sending the medication. 
The state only allows us to have adult doses of Tylenol and Ibuprofen available at the school. If you would like to have liquid or chewable doses available to your child they have to bring it from home and I need written permission from a parent or guardian to administer.
Several children visit the health office every day. With everything from stomach pains to scrapes and bruises to losing a tooth. I treat every child to the best of my ability both as a nurse and a mother myself. I try to notify parents either by note or phone call when needed. So please make sure that if there are any changes to your emergency contact information that the school is notified of the change. If you have any questions please feel free to call me @ 320-859-2191 X 1193
Angie Baker, LPN
Health Coordinator