Senior Timeline



1.   Narrow college choices. Apply by Thanksgiving break (or sooner).

2.   Visit, visit, and visit college campuses. (Two excused absences.)  Also, attend College Fairs in October.

3.   Complete FAFSA paperwork on-line anytime after October 1st.  

4.  Take or re-take the ACT by December (preferably in September or October).

5.   Meet with Mrs. Bergquist to go over Graduation Credit Check/Future Plans by October.

6.   Create a resume—use this time after time for scholarships and college applications.

7.   Search and apply for scholarships using Schoology (#1 place Mrs. Bergquist posts information), counselor’s website on, or the many  other websites listed.

8.   Obtain letters of recommendation. Ask three weeks in advance. Follow up with a thank you note.

9.   Complete all makeup credits through the ALC if needed.

10. Complete the NCAA Clearinghouse information if hoping to

        participate in Division I or II college sports.  


1.   Check schools of choice for scholarship deadlines (generally end of January or mid-February).

2.   Continue to apply for scholarships.

3.   Finish strong academically.

4.   Choose the college you wish to attend. Pay the registration fee and look for housing information. Keep your eyes peeled for the Local Scholarship Packet (mid March).

5.   Order official transcripts from U of M, Crookston, MSCTC – Fergus Falls, pr ATCC if college classes were taken in high school. Have official transcript sent directly to the college upon class completion.