SAT Information

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2016-17 SAT Administration Dates and Deadlines

SAT Date

Oct 01, 2016

SAT Subject Tests Available

SAT Subject Tests not offered on this date

Registration Deadline

Sep 01, 2016

Oct 07, 2016

Nov 03, 2016

Dec 21, 2016

Feb 10, 2017

Apr 07, 2017

May 09, 2017

Late Registration Deadline

Sep 13, 2016 (for mailed registrations)
Sep 20, 2016 (for registrations made online or by phone)

Oct 18, 2016(for mailed registrations)
Oct 25, 2016(for registrations made online or by phone)

Nov 15, 2016 (for mailed registrations)
Nov 22, 2016 (for registrations made online or by phone)

Jan 03, 2017(for mailed registrations)
Jan 10, 2017(for registrations made online or by phone)

Feb 21, 2017 (for mailed registrations)
Feb 28, 2017 (for registrations made online or by phone)

Apr 18, 2017(for mailed registrations)
Apr 25, 2017(for registrations made online or by phone)

May 16, 2017 (for mailed registrations)
May 24, 2017 (for registrations made online or by phone)

Deadline for Changes

Sep 20, 2016

Oct 25, 2016

Nov 22, 2016

Jan 10, 2017

Feb 28, 2017

Apr 25, 2017

May 24, 2017

Score Delivery Dates

SAT scores will be available to students beginning on the dates listed below.

  • Oct. 1 test date: Oct. 27 score delivery

  • Nov. 5 test date: Nov. 29 score delivery

  • Dec. 3 test date: Dec. 22 score delivery

  • Jan. 21 test date: Feb. 23 score delivery

  • March 11 test date: April 13 score delivery

  • May 6 test date: June 8 score delivery

  • June 3 test date: July 12 score delivery

Important Information

U.S. deadlines apply to students testing in the United States and U.S. territories.

  • U.S. registration materials that are mailed must be postmarked by the U.S. deadlines. The deadlines expire at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, U.S.

  • Additional fees apply if you register late, change your test center, change your test date, or switch from taking the SAT to taking a Subject Test after registering. Find out how to make registration changes and get deadlines.

  • Sunday administrations usually occur the day after each Saturday test date for students who cannot test on Saturday due to religious observance.

  • If you miss the late registration deadline, you may be able to get on the waitlist.

  • Your registration options will be limited if you aren’t taking the SAT for one of its main purposes.