At this time there will be no elementary age Summer Rec activities offered for summer of 2020.

Important Dates for 2020-21:

ACT Test - Tuesday, October 6th (Seniors that were supposed to test in March 2020) 8:30-1:00

ASVAB Test - Tuesday, November 10th (all juniors) in the small gym 8:30-11:45

Sophomore Sneak a Peek -  (all sophomores) at ATCC 9:00-2:30

Grade 9 Expo -  (all freshmen) at Alexandria High School Time tbd

ACT Test -  (juniors that choose to test) 8:30-1:00

Senior Awards Night – 

2020-21 ACT Test Dates

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Also, students who want to take the ACT test will be required to upload a recognizable photo of themselves to complete the registration process. The photo will be printed on the student’s ACT ticket, which is required for admission on test day, and on the roster that testing staff use to check students in. This change has been made to increase test security measures and ensure a level and fair playing field for all students who take the ACT.